Scar Repair (1 x 10 ml)

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Possesses anti-inflammatory antioxidant properties that help soften and reduce the appearance of scars and moisturizes the skin. Use to fade scars and stretch marks and help prevent the formation of new scars on newly healed wounds. Helps scars resulting from surgery, burns, injury and acne. Also helps to improve skin tone and elasticity as well as reduce fine lines and wrinkles    

Key Ingredients

Frankincense, Lavender, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond, Rosehip 

Product Details

  • No muss - no fuss; custom blended, pre-diluted and ready to use 
  • Family safe, all natural, therapeutic grade essential oils
  • Non-invasive, with no side effects  
  • Product safety and efficacy assured  - Health Canada Cosmetic Registration 
  • Convenient to use and carry (keep in purse, travel or gym bag, desk or car)
  • Manufactured in Canada at a Health Canada licensed facility

How to Use 
Wash hands before and after application. Place a few drops of remedy on finger tips and gently massage onto and around clean, affected area. 

For Stretch Marks – Do not apply during pregnancy. Using Sina Scar Repair can help to improve your skin's elasticity meaning you'll develop fewer permanent stretch marks. Apply twice per day morning and evening (after a shower or bath is best because the oils will penetrate more effectively because the top layers of skin have been have been removed). Also, the oils are better absorbed after a shower because when your skin is slightly damp, the oils will trap the water on your skin, further boosting hydration. Apply to stomach, legs, hips and back. 
For Scars - For optimal results apply the scar serum the moment the wound has healed.  Efforts to improve the look of scars are most effective in the first 6 months, but you will obtain results with older scars as well.  Apply twice per day as per Stretch Marks.

Due to the UV protective benefits of the amber glass (clear glass or plastic should never be used), the dropper will maintain its effectiveness for up to 2 years if stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry location. May be stored in refrigerator for longer shelf life. 

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