Relax Collection (1 x massage oil 120 ml, 1 x bath salts 300 g)

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Sina Spa Collections are the perfect gift or starter kit for a family member or friend. Each Collection contains one of each spa format.  

A synergistic blend of essential oils known for their calming properties. Improves circulation and hydrates the skin. This is the perfect home spa experience when relaxation and calm are required. Helps establish a soothing environment  

Get started with Sina’s Relax Collection!

Relax is available in two spa formats for your convenience.

  • Massage Oil - Begin by warming the oil in your hands, then spreading it over the skin area to be massaged using smooth strokes to spread the oil for a few minutes before massaging. Apply in a circular motion for quick absorption and to work knots and to help relax muscles. Use sufficient oil so that it stays on the skin while the massage continues and only gets absorbed afterwards. Avoid heavy downward pressure on bony areas or organs, namely the spine, ribs, knees, elbows, abdomen or kidneys. Decide where you will begin. A traditional approach is to begin with the back, buttocks and back of the legs, then work on the feet, front of the legs and progress up the body. Finish with the face and head. Always completely finish one area of the body before moving on to the next.
  • Bath Salts - Fill the bath tub about halfway or to the desired level. Take one or two handfuls of bath salts and pour them into the bath by holding your hand under the faucet, allowing the bath salts to fall with the water into the tub. While pouring the bath salts into the bath, their fragrance will be released into the steam, allowing for a very fragrant bath. Be sure to stir the bath salts into the water and circulate them well, so the fragrances are released into the steam. 

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