Why We Use Grapeseed Oil



Because of the beneficial antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients present in grapeseed oil (it’s a great source of polyphenols – flavonoids, essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, vitamin E and oligomeric proanthocyanidin) it has been has been used for centuries to in the treatment of minor to severe health problems. And because of its proven health benefits, versatility, and its ability to combine effectively with our essential oil blends, we use grapeseed oil as our primary carrier oil.


One should also note that there are no reported side-effects or interactions to the use of grapeseed oil topically. In fact, the US FDA has issued the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certification to grapeseed extract.


For instance, grapeseed oil aids in building healthy joint tissue and in reducing muscle and joint pain and rheumatism and in the healing of wounds and burns. On the one hand, it assists with increasing collagen production which is essential for maintaining healthy joint tissue and strength, while on the other, its anti-inflammatory properties assist with reducing the pain caused by rheumatism. Then too, by assisting the flow of oxygen rich blood and platelets to cut, bruised and burned areas, it speed the healing process. This is why we have chosen grapeseed oil as our carrier oil for Muscle and Joint Relief, Rheumatism Relief and Wound Care

Grapeseed oil’s anti-histamine and anti-allergen properties are also why we have chosen it as our carrier oil for Stop Snoring and Sleep. 

Naturally occurring polyphenols and flavonoids in grapeseed oil can also have calming effects which helps alleviate headaches and stress by reducing cortisol levels in the body. High cortisol levels can also interfere with sleep. And again, that’s why we chose grapeseed oil as our carrier oil for our Headache Relief, Stress Relief and Sleep products