Stress Relief

Give Yourself a Stress Free Holiday!

Is calming and relaxing. Used for stress caused by major life changes, environment, relationships, social settings, unpredictable events, workplace, fear and uncertainty, and self-imposed expectations.

Product Formats

Collection (the Starter Kit)  Value Bundle (FREE Shipping)
Patches (the Sina "Buttons")
$39.95 $29.95 $32.95 (SAVE 5%) $62.95 (SAVE 10%)
Product Format Fast Facts
  Roll-on Buttons
Activation Fast acting Fast acting
Relief Up to 3 hours Up to 12 hours
When to Use Anytime Anytime
How to Apply Temples, behind ear lobes, inside edge of eyebrows, across forehead Clothes, furniture and cabinets, car dashboard
Duration Up to 3 months One time
Best Use   Anywhere Anywhere