Sina Originals

Aromatherapy is a 5,000 year old practice for which there is a substantial body of empirical evidence that demonstrates its benefits on cognitive performance and mood. The broader term “essential oil therapy” widens the benefits of aromatherapy to include medicinal activity across a broad range of indications including pain, wound healing, breathing, sleep, skin conditions, digestion, and more. And there is now recognition that essential oil therapy is a helpful complement in treating many medical issues and, not surprisingly, it is prescribed by a growing number of conventionally trained medical professionals.

Sina Originals

Sina Originals is a complete line of pre-diluted, ready to use essential oil therapeutics designed to meet the needs of women and families who seek natural and safe-for-everyone alternatives to traditional chemical remedies for everyday ailments. Our product development is driven by our goals to:

And our products are licensed by Health Canada. This is both an assurance of their safety and efficacy and also symbolizes Sina’s commitment to delivering products that are transparent in their promises to mediate or prevent and restore family member's emotional and physical wellness.

The Sina Originals line is currently growing and our new products will be will be available February 2017.

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