Feature Promotion - Sina Originals Collections

Purchase any Sina Originals Collection and Sina will include a Free Button Sheet (12 additional wear anywhere - anytime patches of the same remedy). An added value of $14.75.

Click on the Collection you would like and we will automatically add a Free Button Sheet of the same remedy to your order. 

Feature Promotion continues through January 31, 2017

 Sina Collections (The "Starter Kits")

Sina Collections are the perfect starter kit for both those new to using aromatherapy and experienced users. Each Collection provides up to 6 months’ supply and includes a range of product application formats providing you the opportunity to trial each format and determine which ones are best for you.  

Collections are also great gifts for family and friends or for exchange at company functions. Choose as a gift and at no additional charge, Sina will pack your Collection in a decorative draw-string bag with an imprinted gift tag. Write your personal message on the back of the tag.