Sina and Aromatherapy in the Spa

The curative powers of massage and other therapies have been well known and practiced since early times. It only seemed natural to us, therefore, that we would extend our line of emotional and physical wellness essential oils to the spa. While day spas can be a space to pamper yourself, relax, recharge and re-energize, so too, you can enjoy many of the same benefits at home.

Sina Spa

Our Spa line includes a complete range of home spa treatments for emotional and physical health focused on the main benefits women seek from a spa treatment:

And many of our spa products are licensed by Health Canada. This is both an assurance of their safety and efficacy but also symbolizes Sina’s commitment to delivering products that are transparent in their promises to mediate or prevent and restore women’s emotional and physical wellness.

To view Sina Spa products:

Sina Spa Healthy Skin Collection 
Sina Spa Rejuvinate (for Muscles and Joints) Collection 
Sina Spa Relax Collection