Review of Stress Relief

Health Canada Licenses: 
Sina Stress Relief Roll-on: NPN 80068685
Sina Stress Relief Button: NPN 80070563

The essential oils used in Sina Originals Stress Relief have been used in folk medicine for the alleviation of stress. Scientific studies support the efficacy by elucidating the mode of action of these oils and its constituents. Sina Originals Stress Relief remedies are composed of essential oils that have tranquilizing effects by binding to GABA receptors resulting in an inhibitory neurotransmission effect. This results in products that have anxiolytic properties and indicate an important role for the serotonergic system. Studies have shown that the chosen ingredients have resulted in significant increases in self-ratings of calmness and better mood and it has been indicated that these act via the limbic system of the brain which is responsible for mood and other emotions. The oils in Sina Originals Stress Relief have been chosen based on evidence-based efficacy which results in a proven stress relief remedy.

Dr. Sharan Sidhu, CEO, NHP Licensing Solutions, Kelowna, BC  

NHP Licensing Solutions is contracted by Sina Aromatherapeutics to research, prepare and submit licensing (NPN) applications for Sina’s products to Health Canada on its behalf. Dr Sidhu has not been compensated for this review. All comments expressed are Dr. Sidhu’s and have not been influenced by Sina.