Review of Headache Relief

Health Canada Licenses

Sina Headache Relief Roll-on: NPN 80068516
Sina Headache Relief Button: NPN 80070422 

Sina Originals Headache Relief remedies has been formulated with ingredients that have been used traditionally for the relief of headaches. Although stemming from ancient uses the therapeutic mode of action of the essential oils in Sina Originals Headache Relief have been scientifically proven in numerous studies dating from the 1950’s.The oils that have been selected have a high content of menthol and studies have shown that menthol eases headaches by triggering a cooling/numbing sensation by engaging cold sensitive receptors. Furthermore, menthol activates opioid receptors giving it analgesic properties and also blocks some sodium channels reducing neural activity. In addition, the oils also have neuromodulating properties (5-HT1A receptor antagonist) which contribute to the overall effect of headache relief. The combination of the bioactivity of the constituents of the carefully selected oils results in a headache remedy that reduces the symptoms of common headaches.

Dr. Sharan Sidhu, CEO, NHP Licensing Solutions, Kelowna, BC  

NHP Licensing Solutions is contracted by Sina Aromatherapeutics to research, prepare and submit licensing (NPN) applications for Sina’s products to Health Canada on its behalf. Dr Sidhu has not been compensated for this review. All comments expressed are Dr. Sidhu’s and have not been influenced by Sina.