Aromatherapy Product Formats and Packing

We know that our customers demand transparency, consistency and professionalism in a trusted brand. That’s why we strive for the assurances that Health Canada licensing provides you. In addition, to ensure that we can deliver optimal benefits to you – conveniently and consistently – all of our products come in pre-diluted, ready-to-use formats. Our proprietary “blends” use key essential oils in specific proportions combined with an appropriate carrier oil or base cream that optimizes the healing benefits for you. You will never have to add our oils to an aroma burner, mix or dilute our remedies or mix them with creams and lotions (the effects of which could either be harmful or affect negatively the effectiveness of the remedy). 

We know that not all of our customers maintain the same lifestyles or prefer the same types of dispensers. Similarly, not all products can deliver optimum benefits via a single, “one-dispenser-fits-all” approach.

That’s why we offer you choices among a variety of product formats and combinations.