How to Use Aromatherapy Stress Relief Patches

Using Stress Relief Body Patches

A custom blended essential oils stress relief aromatherapy body patch offers several benefits over other essential oils product delivery formats. It can be easily applied to skin, clothing, furniture or car dashboard and will provide up to 12 hours relief. It is non-greasy to the touch and will not stain clothing or upholstery. In addition to home-use, its portability means that it is a great travel option. The patch will meet all airport security requirements and will not cause delays in screening (can be transported with carry-on or checked baggage)   

Sina Brand

Check out Sina’s Stress Relief Button, a custom essential oils blend of Lavender, Orange Peel, Bergamot, Chamomile, and Ylan Ylang.

Sina Stress Relief Patch (the Sina "Button")This skin free, 80 mg essential oils custom blend provides headache relief all day long and there are no side effects. Simply pull back the adhesive backing to remove the aromatherapy patch (the Sina “Button”) from the sheet. Lightly push down with your thumb/finger and pop the microcapsule beads to release the essential oils into the spongy diffuser layer and stick the button where desired. Each fast acting button provides up to 12 hours of relief. Apply to clothes, furniture or dashboard of your vehicle.

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