How to Use Aromatherapy Stop Snoring Vaporizing Jars

Using Stop Snoring Vaporizing Jars 

Essential oils room vaporizing jars are ideally suited for night-time use and are especially well suited for alleviating the symptoms of snoring caused by nasal and sinus congestion, colds and flu, obesity, allergies, and alcohol.

How to Use

For optimal results we recommend opening the jar ½ to 1 hour before bedtime. Simply shake the jar to “wick” the essential oils up to the top of the diffuser sponge, uncap the jar and place the jar as close as possible to you on your bedside table. You may also wish to bring the jar to your nose and deeply inhale 2 – 3 times just before you retire. This will bring the active components of the “blend” quickly to the sensitive cells in the back of your nostrils which stimulate and send signals directly to your brain. In the morning, cap the jar to stop the evaporation process.

Sina Brand Stop Snoring Vaporizing Jar

Sina Essential Oils Stop Snoring Vaporizing JarWe want you to trial Sina’s aromatherapy Stop Snoring Vaporizing Jar; a pre-diluted, ready-to-use essential oil blend of Eucalyptus, Sweet Marjoram and Pine essential oils. It works! A recent review by the Huffington Post commented, “…the first thing I noticed was that I was less groggy in the morning…I found it was a lot easier to wake up… my snores weren’t as loud as usual. My breathing was lighter and wasn’t disruptive” (you can see the full review located on our homepage).  

(Check out the Huffington Post Review of Stop Snoring In the "News and Articles" section of our homepage (simply click on News and Articles and schroll the pages); their bottom line, "I'd go for it")

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