Essential Oils Vaporizing Jars

Vaporizing is one of the most enjoyable applications of essential oils. With essential oils vaporization you get the benefit of a fragrant surrounding plus the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils. The benefits of vaporizing include:

The most common way of vaporizing a room is to add essential oils to a vaporizer, but this method is not without challenges (see the discussion of Aromatherapy Diffusers vs Room Vaporizing Jars). The tips we provide here focus on the use of pre-diluted, ready-to-use aromatherapy room vaporizing jars.

An aromatherapy room vaporizing jar is typically 100 ml or slightly larger in which are contained the essential oils. The diffuser system is a biodegradable sponge integrated into the jar. A 100 ml jar will cover an area of approximately 125 to 200 square feet and will last up to 6 months if opened several hours every day or night. If used purely for scent and fragrance, a jar will provide approximately 400 sq. ft. of coverage.

Room vaporizing jars provide optimal therapeutic results in small to medium sized environments. They require minimal care and handling to use. Care should be taken, however, in avoiding exposure to direct sunlight as this will increase the rate of evaporation and shorten the longevity of the essential oils. As well, the oils are not meant to be applied directly to the skin as the oils in vaporizing jars are typically in higher concentrations than what is recommended for topical application.

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100 ml UV protective amber glass jar with a biodegradable diffuser sponge and diluted with high viscosity grape seed oil. And remember, Sina’s vaporizing jars are prepared in carefully proportioned pre-diluted concentrations of essential oils to ensure the best in safety and effectiveness.