Here’s What Shawnett is Saying

Shawnett, 45, Registered Psychiatric Nurse – on Sina Sleep and Sina Stress Relief Roll-on

I currently use the sleep roll-on and sleep vaporizing jar routinely at bedtime. While I continue to wake in the night, I notice that I am awake for a shorter period of time before being able to fall back to a sound sleep. I find the aroma to be calming and relaxing. I believe that these products are an important part of a healthy sleep hygiene routine.  

I also use the stress relief roll-on. I find the citrus scent of this product to promote focus of attention and I find it to be extremely helpful when engaging in school studies, such as exams and writing essays.  

Sina Sleep Vaporizing Jar
Sina Sleep Roll-on 
Sina Stress Relief Roll-on

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