Combining Vaporizing Jars and Aromatherapy Patches

This discussion focuses on the therapeutic use of combining essential oils product formats.

Each Format Has Its Strengths

Essential oils vaporizing jars are exclusively for nighttime use and most suited to the home where they can be placed in the bedroom and easily activated by simply removing the lid from the jar. There is minimal risk of spillage or breakage that potentially is associated with traveling.   

On the other hand, aromatherapy body patches are great for overnight or extended travel. Easy to transport (simply put them in your suitcase or overnight bag) and passing through airport security. Aromatherapy patches also complement the benefits obtained from the use of room vaporizing jars and thus can be used concurrently with the use of a jar. 

 Aromatherapy patches are also well-suited to extended day-time use, whether indoors (e.g., at home, office or shopping) or outdoors. An aromatherapy patch creates a subtle, personal aromatherapy “halo” that will provide relief for up to 12 hours.

Sina Brand Vaporizing Jars and Body Patches

Check out Sina’s Stop Snoring Collection (the Starter Kit) for an all-in-one package of room vaporizing jar and aromatherapy patches. The Stop Snoring Collection contains 1 100 ml essential oils custom blend vaporizing jar and 1 sheet/24 patches (the Sina “Buttons”). The Breathe and Sleep Collections also contain 1 10 ml essential oils custom blend roll-on.

Stop Snoring Collection
Breathe Collection
Sleep Collection