Combining Essential Oils Product Formats for Optimum Value

A Good Method to Practice

Essential oils come in a variety of pre-diluted, ready-to-use product formats – aromatherapy vaporizing jars, skin free and body aromatherapy patches, aromatherapy roll-ons, topical applicators with orifice reducers, airless pump sprays and creams and aromatherapy balms. Using multiple formats provides greater usage versatility over different situations and leads to greater effectiveness in addressing the symptoms associated with each problem.

Looking at the Benefits

For example, aromatherapy room vaporizers are well-suited to nighttime use, but aromatherapy roll-ons can provide more effective on-the-go relief during the day. Aromatherapy patches are especially well suited to larger spaces such as use shopping malls, office work spaces and outdoors. An aromatherapy patch creates a subtle, personal aromatherapy “halo” that will provide relief for an extended period of time (between 8 – 12 hours) in on-the-go situations in spacious environments without crossing into the personal space of others.

As well, some aromatherapy product formats are well suited to travel (for example, aromatherapy patches and roll-ons), while others are best suited to home use (for example, aromatherapy room vaporizers). Having multiple aromatherapy product formats ensures that there is an optimum solution for each situation.

There are also situations where combining two aromatherapy product formats concurrently may be beneficial. For example, for difficult nights, combing an aromatherapy patch 1 – 2 hours before bedtime with an aromatherapy vaporising jar will deliver a greater concentration of essential oils that can speed sleep, provide greater relief for breathing problems or more robustly address problem snoring.

Examples in Using Multi-Formats

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