Combing Multiple Aromatherapy Formats

This discussion focuses on the therapeutic use of combing essential oils product formats.

 In some cases aromatherapy solutions are delivered in multiple formats. This could be a combination of aromatherapy vaporizing jars, roll-ons, body patches, and other formats.

Keeping a number of aromatherapy product formats on hand for a particular remedy provides a degree of flexibility that is not provided by a single format. And in some cases this is particularly valuable. For nighttime use you will want a different product format than for day-time use; for travel a different application method may be preferred over others; and so forth.

Check out Sina’s Breathe and Sleep Collections (the Starter Kits) for all-in-one multiple format paks. Each Starter Kit contains a 100 ml vaporizing jar, 1 10 ml roll-on and aromatherapy patches (1 sheet/24 patches).  

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